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Porch Pontifications - 9/9/2021

As I returned from running an errand last week, an older gentleman pulled in behind me. He asked if I had a moment to chat. It was a busy day, but he seemed to have a lot on his mind. His mustache crinkled, and his eyebrows raised as he began to talk, communicating just as much as his words. He drives past Webwood multiple times a day and notices different things about our little community. He sees the small details. He notices what vehicles are parked out front. He notices when one is missing. He notices when someone steps out and comes back. We have never met, and he has never been inside the building, but he knows that we care for people inside those walls. He thanked our team for caring for the unknown residents inside the building, noting that he sees the common vehicles there at all times of day and night. He thanked us for a job that did not involve him or any of his family. This man took time out of his day to thank essential medical personnel. To pass on those good vibes, I would like to thank all of our workers that ensure a comfortable and engaged home for all of our residents. I thank all the workers at doctors' offices, home health agencies, hospitals, food suppliers, and those I haven't even considered. It takes a community of people more extensive than our own to make Webwood operate comfortably. Thank you to the families of our residents for checking in on their loved ones, and even our staff, through this crazy time. We appreciate the opportunity to serve the community.

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