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Not Just Neighbors, We're Family

When we open our doors to the community, it's not that we are just saying "come look at us!" We are opening the doors to a home, not a business. We are saying here is our family, made up of employees and residents, and we want you to come in. Webwood is not just a business, it is a sincere creation of people from the same communities that we serve. It's coddled by people from the communities that it serves. It is inhabited by people from the community. In case you missed the intentionally repeated theme. Webwood is about people. When dealing with people, you must always assume that there will be problems. There will be disagreements. There will be missed requests or hard feelings among friends. Those are all things that people do. But there are other things. The remarkable things. There is a hug when someone is sad, or something tragic has happened. There are people that rally to congratulate a new member of their family. And then, there are people from the community that come through our doors that have no connection to the people living within these walls. They may be kindergartners that learned a song to sing to the residents, Junior high kids that come to serve, or a neighbor, from down the street, that comes and breaks bread with a gentleman that they do not know. A neighbor that learns something about a person and delights in the connection alone. The description says a lot about Webwood. We assist living people. People that have had experiences, people who have loved, laughed, and cried. But they are living. Even that choice of words implies that they are both physically alive but also that they still have vigor. That vigor comes, not only from the peers that surround them, but from the kindergartners, the junior high kids, and the neighbor from down the street. A community is not built from one person alone, nor can a person thrive by themselves. To all those that come to Webwood, we appreciate you. We appreciate the light that you bring to the lives of Webwood's Residents.

"Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to completely experience our humanity, which comes most fully to life in the experience of true connection." - Brené Brown

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