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Fresh Air Is The Best Medicine

There are few times of the year as beautiful as spring. The world sees a new birth of fresh plants and animals that lay dormant all winter long. Spring proves to be a great time of the year here at the Webwood Assisted Living community as well. A time when we throw open the doors and encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy the air.

The Webwood community garden is ready, and residents are awaiting the fruits, or vegetables, of their labor. Everyone worked together to get the plants in the ground. There are a variety of flowers, herbs, and vegetables that will come to together to add beauty to the outdoor living space and create delicious meals.

Just being outside with friends and family has health benefits of its own. An article from the Harvard Health Letter points out that as we age, we tend to go outside less, which foregoes the benefits of being outside. Taking in some outdoor beauty and sunshine has the following benefits:

- Increases vitamin D levels

- A tendency to exercise more

- Better mood

- Improved concentration

- Faster healing

With all of these benefits, we encourage everyone to get outdoors and breath in some of nature’s medicine!

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